Sarkari Naukri & Govt Jobs In Rajasthan 2018 [Vacancies Updated]

Sarkari Naukri & Govt Jobs In Rajasthan 2018 [Vacancies Updated]

Rajasthan is the second centermost state in India and is a part of the Central eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent. People here are really crazy about Govt Jobs in rajasthan. As we know, tt has an excellent ambience and provides a very good place for a variety of employees. All the major cities like Udaipur, Jaipur and Bikaner are the home to many of the main primary IT hubs and job sectors in Rajasthan.

It is basically characterized by a hot and humid desert type of weather in the summer and almost all throughout the year, and plus it also has pretty cold winters as well. Rajasthan also has a really large population that allows more jobs to become available, but with a lot of competition.

What Are The Prospects & Qualification for Govt Jobs In Rajasthan?

Govt jobs in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan Government offers a bucket load of jobs and various opportunities for every individual. The Rajasthan magazines and newspapers are also used as a medium to showcase various job prospects. This basically covers all the Government jobs in the IT sector, Bank sector, Teaching Sector, Electrical Sector & as a part of the Secretariat as well. All these job profiles will mainly be available in many of the best cities like Bikaner, Udaipur and Jaipur.

Vacancies for Govt jobs or Sarkari naukri in Rajasthan for 12th Pass Out Students:

  • Govt jobs in Rajasthan forest department.
  • Government Jobs in Rajasthan roadways.
  • Govt jobs in Rajasthan Police.

Currently, only these departments of Rajasthan Govt allows candidates to apply for govt jobs in Rajasthan for 12th pass students.

Scope For Various IT Jobs, Management & Government Related Sector Jobs in Rajasthan.

The IT industry is one of the top industries in the world today and it is also fitting to say that there is no IT without a good managerial body at any company for that matter. The IT industry is currently booming with countless govt jobs opportunities for both engineers as well as the management students in Rajasthan. Nowadays, IT has become some sort of a trend and fittingly so because engineers have countless opportunities to make it big in the technical areas of study.

Rajasthan is mainly recognized for it’s superb IT scope and Management scope as well from last couple of years, apart from it’s excellent scope for tourism. It has some of the best institutions and colleges there and they have been extremely successful in training students professionally in order to prepare them to cope up with the outside world for Govt jobs in Rajasthan. The IT sector in Rajasthan has really boomed and reached a pinnacle in the last couple of years and not only this, apart from IT and management related jobs, the service and hospitality industry has also become an integral part of the work and service industry in Rajasthan. The state has some amazing scope in various fields as well.

If people don’t require any Government Jobs in Rajasthan then the people can simply look at some of the best companies that are in Rajasthan. Those which provide countless opportunities to students and freshers in the engineering, management, and service industry related sectors, that have really changed the face of the job sector and work experience level in Rajasthan.

You can Check This Rajasthan Govt jobs List 2018 To Apply Online.

Govt Jobs in Rajasthan / Company Name No. of Vacancies Link To Apply Online
 Jobs in AIIMS Jodhpur 800 Vacancies left AIIMS Jodhpur Recruitment List 2018
NHM Job Vacancies  9,000 Vacancies left NHM Recruitment 2018
Jobs In RSMSSB 450 Vacancies left RSMSSB Recruitment List 2018
RUHS Recruitment 150 Vacancies left RUHS Recruitment 2018
REIL 90 Vacancies left REIL Recruitment 2018
North Western Railway Recruitment 17 Vacancies left North Western Railway Recruitment 2018 PDF Download
Recruitment for Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute 16 Vacancies left Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute Recruitment 2018
RVNL Job Recruitment 13 Vacancies left RVNL Recruitment 2018
Jobs in CCRAS 25 Vacancies left CCRAS Recruitment 2018

Download CCRAS application form 2018 from here.

Job in Ministry of Textiles 10 Vacancy Ministry of Textiles Recruitment 2018

Let us now look at some of the best companies in the IT and Management related Sectors except Govt job sectors in Rajasthan. 


With one of its head offices in Udaipur and over 35 branches of offices all over India, IBM is one of the leading software companies in the country. The fact that it also has a branch in the State of Rajasthan, is a big deal indeed because this will open up the opportunities for many people over the years to come and will give them a lot of exposure to the IT sector and industry related activities. Employing over at least 1 lakh candidates per year, this IT company has become a serious competitor to all the other IT companies in the country

Wipro Ltd –

Wipro has been around for generations, and ever since it was started all those years ago, they still continue to maintain their reputation as one of the leading software companies in the country alongside Infosys, Cognizant and IBM, just to name a few. The organisation is mainly known for its amazing products and services and now that it has one of it’s main branches in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. This is a real boon for the masses of the people as it provides countless opportunities to all the engineers out there who really want to work and make a living.


NIIT has had it’s main offices in the major parts of Rajasthan for a while now, and has also been operating there for many years and regularly expanding its resources. It has it’s eighth biggest campus in Jaipur.

Cerno LTD –

This leading software company is one of the most famous management and IT or software related companies, with one of it’s branches which is yet to come up in Jaipur. It provides countless opportunities to many employees and people.

Along with this people also have the scope of various Government Jobs, Accounting Jobs, Lecturer Jobs, Teaching Jobs, Computer Operator & Software Jobs.


Now, qualifications are an important prerequisite while shortlisting candidates for companies. Generally, after shortlisting the candidates itself the companies start taking the interviews and hire employees. In Rajasthan as well, just like in the other states, the main and basic qualifications for a govt job in rajasthan every student and candidate must possess a degree from a reputable University or college, preferably an accredited college and the candidate should have some proof of English proficiency to show the interviewer.

Other qualifications are also welcome for a govt job in Rajasthan which may generally include a Master’s degree, Ph.D. or some relevant degree apart from the Bachelor’s degree. This is just an additional qualification that is always welcome and encourage by every company in India. There are many scopes to pursue B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, B.Tech, Diploma, ITI, BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA, M.Sc, M.Com, M.A here and get one if the best govt jobs in rajasthan.

Benefits of the Good Education System in Rajasthan

The amazing colleges and institutions in Rajasthan account for its superb job opportunity base and work experiences as well. Let us look at the two best colleges in a little more detail. That’s because all the pass outs and graduates from these colleges itself have done some amazing work ever since their graduation or working in the Rajasthan govt job sector. A good education system always paves the way for good jobs and work experience and expertise in the future as well.


1) Swami Keshvanand Institute of Technology, Jaipur –

This institution is basically a private sector University managed by the Indian Government in the early 1990’s. Located in the Western most part of Jaipur, Rajasthan this prestigious institution has done some amazing service the last couple of years, producing some of the best Alumni and graduates who have gone on to become really successful people today. This University availed itseld with the NAAC affiliation and many other affiliations in 2010, which really ended up in boosting its reputation even more. It was also the University of the year consecutively for 4 years in a row from 2009 and 2013, among all the other IIT’s as well.

2) Jaipur National University –

This institution is basically a public sector University which was established in the Northern part of Jaipur, Rajasthan and that too in the latter half of the 1990’s. Located in the Northern most part of Jaipur this prestigious management institution has done some amazing service the last couple of years, producing some of the best Alumni and graduates who have gone on to become really successful people and possibly entrepreneurs today.


Education is one of the most important pillars that really influence the emergence of the best jobs, expertise, and experience. This really does matters in Rajasthan, because you can get a govt jobs in Rajasthan police, forest department or roadways by doing a little hard work. It is really a matter of how students and candidates study and go ahead in their futures. So guys, the job prospects, work experience and expertise in Rajasthan are on the cusp of becoming something great. And now millions of people will get some amazing opportunities to apply for Govt Jobs In Rajasthan! Don’t forget to check them out!

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